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The following is a small sample of some of our recent successes at Salerno & Associates. To maintain client privacy only initials are used.

People v. J.T.:
Client was charged with first degree murder with special circumstances, and faced life without possibility of parole. The Client was acquitted of the murder charges in a jury trial.


United States v. J.W.:
Client faced charged of income tax evasion in excess of $150,000 and faced over 7 years in federal prison. The Client received probation and was not incarcerated for even one day.


Matter of S.B.:
Client stabbed her husband with a knife, causing internal bleeding. Mr. Salerno convinced the D.A.'s Office to file no charges.


People v. Dr. M.B.:
Client, a pediatrician, was charged with her second DUI and faced a mandatory minimum of 4 days in jail and a mandatory one year driver's license suspension. Charges were reduced to reckless driving and client got no jail time and had no license suspension.


People v. Dr. T.Y.:
Client, a cardiac surgeon, was charged with refusing an alcohol test after colliding with several parked cars, and faced a mandatory one year license suspension. Dr. T.Y. had his DMV action set aside.


People v. H.B.:
Client was charged with embezzling over $60,000 from the government, and prosecution sought state prison time. Client received house arrest.

Matter of J.P.:
Client was accused of pushing down his fiance during a domestic violence incident and severing off her ear almost completely. Mr. Salerno convinced prosecutor to file no charges.

Matter of C.G.:
Client was accused of exposing himself to a couple and their two daughters. Mr. Salerno convinced prosecutor to file no charges.

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