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"...And, Mr. Salerno, I have to say, we have probably known each other for a long time, but I haven't had a chance to observe your work - and it's outstanding. And I'd be remiss if I didn't say it. Excellent, excellent legal counsel."

Judge Norm Shapiro (commenting on Mr. Salerno's performance)

"Excellent work on C.F.'s case! Thank you so much for your efforts. It is nice to see the looks on their faces and sometimes the life-altering effects of our successes."
Russ Marshak, immigration attorney with Popkin, Shamir & Golan (commenting on getting a client's conviction vacated, saving her from deportation)

"You saved that young man's life."
Paul Grech, attorney (commenting on getting an acquittal of murder charges for a client who was facing life without the possibility of parole)


"You've helped me out on two different cases both of which you fought for me and called the outcome like a book with no flaws. You handled both cases very professionally and I was very impressed with your expertise, thank you for everything. I will definitely refer you to others and in the unlikely event of another problem you will be my first call. Again thank you."
Client, J.A. (in a letter to Mr. Salerno after the resolution of a recent case.)


"I will tell you, you're very fortunate indeed...largely because of the respect that people in this building, both on the prosecution and judiciary, and also other defense lawyers have for Mr. Salerno. So you're very fortunate indeed to have Mr. Salerno as your lawyer."
Judge Michael Luros (commenting on dismissal of narcotics distibution charges against client E.P.)


"Only now are things sinking in. I realize what a great job you did and how much worse it could have been...It was great that you got the acquittal so I did not get my license suspended for a year...Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Dr. M.B. (commenting on avoiding a 4 day jail sentence and a one year license suspension for her second DUI).


"That was the best closing argument I've ever heard."
Deputy D.A. Kelton Tobler, trial opponent in People v. J.T. (commenting on case)


"Hi, Anthony and Carrie...I just really wanted to take my time and thank the both of you. I will love you guys for the rest of my life. I realize how I could have lost the love of my life to the system...I and our families both thank you for everything that you have done to help bring beloved Kevin back home...I love and respect you guys so really make me proud that my daughter wants to be a lawyer when she grows up because if she's anything like you two, she will save the love of someone's life like you did... God Bless You both"
D.C., fiance of client K.E. (commenting on client's avoiding life sentence in 3 Strikes case)


"Carrie, Just wanted to thank you for all of your help with this situation. I know its your job but you went above and beyond . . . and I appreciate all you did."
C.D., assistant to client V.W (commenting on work done by this firm on a recent case)

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